Friar First Day Textbook Rental Program

What is Friar First Day?

FRIAR FIRST DAY is a customized textbook rental program for all full-time, undergraduate students.This program bundles course material costs into student tuition. Course materials in the FRIAR FIRST DAY program can contain printed and digital materials. Student orders may contain a combination of new, used, rental, and digital materials based on each student’s class schedule.

This program was implemented by Providence College to create greater cost savings and convenience for students. Students can choose to either pick up their order at the Bookstore or to have their order shipped to them. “Rented” textbooks must be returned back to the Bookstore at the end of the semester.

FRIAR FIRST DAY is a rental program. All rental textbooks must be returned to the Bookstore by the end of each semester.

Your FALL 2022 textbook orders must be submitted by Saturday, August 20, 2022 to them ready for you on the first day of class.

Ordering Instructions

Full-time, undergraduate students will be able to access their course materials by choosing from two (2) different preferences:

PREFERENCE 1: Thirty (30) days before the beginning of each semester, students will receive a PICK-UP/DELIVERY SELECTION BEGINS email, which will automatically link students to their individual course list. In three (3) easy steps, students will be able to submit their course material order into the Bookstore.  Textbook orders are fulfilled by the Bookstore. When the order is “ready for pickup” or has shipped out from the Bookstore, the student will receive a confirmation email with this updated status. Once an order is submitted, students will no longer be able to access this link again.

PREFERENCE 2: Visit and click on the FRIAR FIRST DAY/RESERVE NOW link. See above graphic. You will then be prompted to sign into your Friars email.

  • SCROLL down just past your course listings. (This subsequent order will only fill new titles that were added after your initial order).
  • SELECT “pickup/delivery” option.
  • ENTER your telephone number.
  • ACCEPT our rental terms by clicking on the two (2) bubbles.
  • SUBMIT your order. (You will know that you submitted your order when you see “Thank you for your order”).

Click on this link for more detailed screenshots of Friar First Day Instructions.


The PICK-UP/DELIVERY SELECTION BEGINS link can only be used “one-time”. After students submit their order through this link, this link will no longer be accessible to them.

Some students may receive additional emails asking them to “SUBMIT YOUR ORDER”. If they receive these emails it is because new material was ADDED to their course AFTER they submitted their original order. Students can order this additional material by going into our website and submitting a new order through the FRIAR FIRST DAY/RESERVE NOW link [see option #2 above]. The system knows what material is NEW and will not “re-order” any material that is flagged as “submitted”.

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